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Daniel Mugaviri Foundation

Our Aim: Provision of Social Services to Vulnerable groups in our Society

Our Objectives

To supports homeless p…

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Daniel Mugaviri Foundation has now take a stand to support Xeroderma Pigmentosum Family Support. 

This is an organisation based in Zimbabwe that …

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Giving to the poor does not mean that you have more that enough, but it means that, the little you have, you can share with your brothers and sisters…

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Global Bible College announced their graduation date. Graduation will be held on the 30th of November 2019. Graduation Ceremony will be at Lukhanyo P…

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Do you have what it takes to become Globally Published Author, then you need to submit your Manuscript to our website here now or ask me for more inf…

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Global Bible College School of Apologetics and Theology offers from Diploma level up to Doctorate. If you would like to study Theology, Global Bible …

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Daniel Mugaviri is an author, published three books so far. His first debut Title, You Are Not Alone (Counselling in a Christian Context) can be orde…

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The book cost R150 only in South Africa contact me if you need a copy, or you can get your Book direct from AMAZON, click here to get your copy. The …

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You can get this book on Amazon, here is the link,  Night of Armageddon is a fiction novel, one of my favorite. Liked by everyone who reads this…

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You Are Not Alone - Counselling in a Christian Context is about giving hope to the vulnerable through Scriptures. This Book is most loved by every be…

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To get one of these books, or both of them in South Africa please send WhatApp or cal+27785012049 or Email [email protected] 



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Even though Africa produces thousands and thousands of graduates each year, the unemployment is rising and people remain poor. This article reveals w…

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How many books have you read so far? There is a lot of people waiting to read yours too. This is now your time to publish your book with Ukiyoto. All…

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This article was written after Africans recorded to be one of the Continent with educated people but the question rising is, I their education really…

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Africans Remain Beggars is being discussed everywhere. This is now your time to get your copy and join debate.  According to this Book Africans …

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Daniel Mugaviri

Founder and Director

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